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Residential Electrical Services:  Home Improvement


Custom Home Lighting

Custom lighting, from closets to kitchens, provides high-impact for your living spaces. Whether you’re remodeling or building new, we have the lighting solutions you are looking for.



Timers controlling the bathroom exhaust fans ensure you remove damaging humid air from the bathroom and reduce the expense of running them unnecessarily.

Home Theater

Wall mount that new flat-screen TV or re-install it in another room. Add surround sound to create your own home theater experience.


Central Vacuum

Regardless of your home’s age you can enjoy the convenience of the most powerful style of vacuums available, complete with a variety of attachments and accessories.


Standby Generator

Automatic standby generators are the ultimate in peace of mind. Whether you are home or away, power is restored within a minute to the critical items in your home. Choose from whole-house or limited circuitry systems.

Portable Generator

If an automatic generator is not for you, a portable generator system may be. Just four easy steps to restore power to critical items so you can remain in your home during power outages.

De-Icing Cables

Eliminate dangerous icicles and ice damming which can damage your roof. Automatic or manual control of de-icing cables can be selected to suit your needs.

Electric Car Chargers

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