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Residential Electrical:  Energy Efficient Upgrades


Energy Star Exhaust Fan

Energy Star exhaust fans are quieter and more efficient than typical exhaust fans. Removing the hot, humid air from your bathroom quickly is an important part of protecting your bathroom from excessive moisture. Venting bath fans with insulated ductwork will prevent damaging condensation from forming within the ductwork or attic space.


Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilators automatically control the temperature in your attic and remove the excessive heat caused by the summer sun, providing you greater comfort and lower air conditioning bills.



Timers are convenient, cost-saving devices used to control exhaust fans, swimming pools and indoor/outdoor lighting.


LED/Florescent Lighting

Get the benefit of the longest lasting, most energy efficient lighting on the market today. From interior to exterior, the flexibility of LED and florescent lights means we can find a solution for your needs.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans will keep you cool in the summer without the expense of air conditioning. Our experts can keep the air moving in a variety of rooms in your home.

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